Austin Bathtub Resurfacing Makes Your Bathroom Shine

Austin bathtub resurfacingTurning your existing tub or shower surround into a like-new experience when showering or bathing can make your whole day brighter.  That’s why Rubber Duck Refinishing prides itself on performing Austin bathtub resurfacing jobs for all its clients.  The homeowners we serve are very satisfied once we take their existing bathtub and perform our resurfacing process.  In a matter of hours, we transform their cracked bathtub or damaged shower surround and repair it into like-new condition.

You may be wondering why homeowners elect for an Austin bathtub resurfacing job instead of a full bathtub renovation.  The answer is simple: price and convenience.  A refinished bathtub costs a fraction to repair compared to a full renovation and requires little to know maintenance over time.  It takes a magnitude less time to complete compared to a full renovation and leaves far less chance for poor worksmanship or failed materials that can wind up costing you thousands of dollars more in repair.

Take the time to schedule an Austin bathtub resurfacing today by calling (512) 244-2828.  We can drop by and provide a free estimate in a matter of minutes.  You’ll be impressed at both the bottom line and the end result of anything we do to help beautify your home.  Rubber Duck Refinishing also serves the entire Austin metropolitan area, including Round Rock, Cedar Park, Georgetown and surrounding areas.  Call us today and see what we can do for you.