Round Rock Countertop Resurfacing

Round Rock Countertop Resurfacing

Round Rock coutnertop resurfacing is the best way to renovate your home’s look and feel.  For the price of replacing five square feet countertop, we can resurface every countertop in your home, whether it be in the kitchen, bathroom, utility room, or elsewhere.  You name it, we’ll resurface it!

Best of all, our bevy of options, surface types, and materials gives you full control over your Round Rock countertop resurfacing.  You more than likely won’t be able to tell the difference between our faux marble countertops and the far more expensive real thing.  Wouldn’t you love to prepare meals, brush your hair, or sort your laundry over a marble countertop everyday for the cost of a few tanks of gas?  That’s what we can offer you with our rock-solid Round Rock countertop resurfacing process.

Our 5-year warranty ensures you’ll never go a single day worried about cracks, peels, or smudges.  At anytime during your warranty period you feel our workmanship and materials do not live up to your expectations, give us a call.  We’ll send one of our Round Rock countertop resurfacing experts to repair the countertop, free of charge.  Rest easy knowing your supposedly “cheap” renovation is actually even better protected from wear and tear than a full replacement coutnertop.

Call us today at (512) 244-2828 to schedule a FREE quote with one of our resurfacing experts.  We service any city in the Austin area, including Round Rock, Georgetown, Pflugerville, Buda, Kyle, and beyond.  We’ll come to you and show you the myriad of benefits offered by countertop refinishing.

Austin bathtub resurfacing

Austin Bathtub Resurfacing

Austin bathtub resurfacing can give your bathroom the shine it deserves.  When’s the last time you took an assesment of your bathroom and felt good about the shape and condition of your bathtub or shower surround?  If you’re climbing into anything less than a pleasant experience every morning, you deserve a full-fledged Austin bathtub resurfacing.  Treat yourself right!

While a refinishing or resurfacing job is sometimes unfavorably compared to a full bathtub renovation, our work speaks for itself.  Our Austin bathtub resurfacing process lasts for years, leaving your tub with a glossy new shine or new color at a fraction of the cost of a full renovation.  Best of all, your experience with us is worry-free.  If your tub is cracked or damaged, we’ll replace it for free over the course of our 5-year warranty.  You can rest assured your investment in us will be returned 10-fold.

Call us today to get a free quote on a new bathtub refinishing job in the Austin area.  We service Round Rock, Cedar Park, Georgetown, and any home or commercial area within the Austin area.  Our Austin bathtub resurfacing jobs are sure to impress friends and family, giving them the impression you’ve paid thousands of dollars for a full tub renovation.  Don’t worry, your secret will be safe with us!

Cedar Park Countertop Refinishing

Cedar Park Countertop Refinishing

Cedar Park Countertop refinishing can revitalize your kitchen, bathroom, or utility room with a brand-new, sparkling countertop finish.  Our process can change the color, texture, or surface type of your counter quickly and easily.  We also provide our services faster, cheaper, and more conveniently than countertop replacement or removal services.

What makes a Cedar Park countertop refinishing successful?  Customer satisfaction.  That’s why we back our handiwork with a 5-year warranty.  If something goes wrong or your countertop is damaged in anyway over the course of your warranty period, we will replace it free of charge.

We also come to your home directly to provide our FREE on-site quote.  Within a few minutes, we can assess the current condition and shape of your counter top and let you know your pricing and style options.  When we schedule you service appointment, rest assured we can most likely complete our work in a matter of hours.  Within a single day, you can be back in the kitchen or bathroom, using your newly resurfaced countertop as if it’s been installed for years.  Best of all, no one will know the money you saved avoiding a costly countertop replacement.

Rubber Duck Refinishing is a family-owned business with years of experience working to better the homes of Austin and surrounding areas.  We provide Austin countertop refinishing, Round Rock countertop refinishing, and Cedar Park resurfacing options as well as services throughout the Austin area.  Call us today to find out more about what we can do for you.

Austin Bathtub Refinishing

Austin Bathtub Refinishing: A Great Value

Austin bathtub refinishing provides a fool-proof, easy way to rejuvinate your damaged or cracked bathtub. It also gives you, the homeowner, complete control over the look and feel of your bathtub and/or shower surround. We can change the color of any tub surface to match your exact preferences, quickly and inexpensively.

An Austin bathtub refinishing can sometimes skepticism in homeowners leery of its affordability. Some believe the quality of refinishing is sub-par compared to a full replacement or other tub and shower rennovation options. We’re happy to report that this is simply not true.

That’s why we back our Austin bathtub refinishing process with a full 5-year warranty. If your tub or surround shows even the slightest hint of disrepair or peeling, we’ll be there to offer a full replacement. That’s the level of confidence we have in the quality and value of the work we provide.

If you’re in the market for an Austin bathtub refinishing, call Rubber Duck Refinishing today. We can provide a FREE quote and give you an accurate estimate in no time at all. We also proudly serve the areas of Round Rock, Cedar Park, Leander and beyond. Call us today and retake control over your home today!

Austin Bathtub Refinishing

Austin Bathtub Refinishing: Simple and Inexpensive

Austin bathtub refinishing provides a simple, inexpensive way to repair or replace your existing bathtub.  If you’re looking to repair damage, an austin bathtub refinishing can smooth away cracks and chips and leave behind a like-new surface.  If you desire a new color for your tub, clawfoot bath, or shower surround, an Austin bathtub refinishing can match any color you desire while providing a shiny finish that’s sure to impress.

Over time, all bathtubs begin to show their age.  Even with proper cleaning and maintenance, your bathtub might begin to show years of wear and tear.  If your tub is made of fiberglass, it can sometimes crack or chip under sudden pressure.  An Austin bathtub refinishing can restore the surface and provide a like-new, sturdy surface to your existing tub.  We warrant our process with a 5-year warranty.  If the damage returns or new cracks appear on our refinished surface, you will be one phone call away from a full repair or replacement of your refinished bath tub.

In addition to providing Austin bathtub refinishing, we also service Round Rock, Cedar Park, and anywhere in the Austin metropolitan area.  We’re a family-owned business with years of experience refinishing and resurfacing countertops and bathtubs backed by rock-solid warranties.  The results of our work impress our customers time and again, which is why so much of our business is made of up repeat customers.  Once you see your new refinished bathtub or bathroom countertop, we know you’ll want us to refinish your kitchen counter or make sure the guest bath has the same like-new shine as your master bath’s newly resurfaced tub and shower.

Give us a call today for a FREE quote.  In as little as a few days, you can be back in your bathroom or kitchen enjoying a resurfaced shine, new color, or new surface.  We provide a wide variety of options, ranging from faux granite to non-slip surfaces.  We know we can save you time and money through an Austin bathtub refinishing.

Austin Countertop Refinishing

Austin Countertop Refinishing Done Right

Austin countertop refinishing can turn your existing kitchen or bathroom countertop from an embarrassing  eyesore into  a source of pride.  With no removal of heavy materials, no teardowns and build-ups, no heavy equipment and no major invastion of your home and privacy, it is easy to see the advantages of an austin countertop refinishing compared to a traditional counter top renovation.  That’s why we’re sure you’ll find Rubber Duck Refinishing to be a great choice for any countertop remodel or repair project.

Our process is cheaper, faster, and easier to complete than any other method of countertop refinishing or renovation.  Our Ausitn counertop refinishing experts can be in and out of your home in as little as a few hours, giving your new countertop the shine and color you desire.  You will return to your kitchen the next day with a brand-new counter at a fraction of the cost of a full renovation.

In addition, our process is eco-friendly, producing little to no waste and recycling your old countertop.  Your current countertop provides the structure, dimensions, and surface you would receive if you installed a brand new surface.  Why throw it all away when a simple Austin countertop refinishing can turn it from old to new with minimal fuss?  We’re proud to promote a green, landfill-friendly way to renovate your home without the hassle and cleanup of a full countertop renovation.

Our resurfacing is guaranteed to not chip, crack, or peel over time.  That’s why we guarantee our work with a 5-year warranty that’s backed by a family-owned, local business.  If something goes wrong or you are not 100% satisfied with the work we perform, we’re only a phone call away.  You will not need to call in a second contractor to cleanup our mess: we get it right the first time.

Contact us today to request a FREE quote.  We are happy to help you refinish your countertop and give your kitchen or bathroom a new lease on life.  We know you’ll love it!

Austin Bathtub Refinishing

Austin Bathtub Refinishing

Austin bathtub refinishing by Rubber Duck Refinishing is the best you will find in the area.  With years of experience and family ownership, we know the trial and error of hiring contractor and renovation specialists to remake the look and feel of your bathroom.  That’s why we’ll beat any big corporation or franchise when it comes to quality, value, and expertise.

What makes our Austin bathtub refinishing unique?  Our hands-on approach to provide FREE estimates and working with our clients on a 1-on-1 basis.  With Austin bathtub refinishing, you’ll receive the finest quality materials and workmanship with a minimum of fuss from our service professionals.  We take our time to ensure your bathtub comes away like-new, with the exact color and appearance you seek.  We know you’ll be satisfied when the job is done.

Did you know just how much easier an Austin bathtub refinishing is compared to a full shower or tub replacement?  We can take your existing tub, shower surround, or clawfoot bathtub and turn it into whatever color you desire.  We can repair cracks, surface chips, and other problems that may have developed over years of use.

How long does it take?  In many cases, we can complete the work in a single day.  Within 24 hours, you can begin using your new resurfaced bathtub normally.  When you factor in the price of the process along with our lightning-fast turnaround, we provide true value when compared to traditional Austin bathtub refinishing options, including full bathtub replacement.

Call today for a FREE estimate.  We’ll come to you and survey your bathroom to ensure our service is the right tool for the job.  Our refinishing process can be completed quickly, easy, and at the right price.  If you’re considering a bathroom renovation, look no further than Rubber Duck Refinishing for all your tub and counter resurfacing needs.

Austin Bathtub Refinishing

Austin Bathtub Refinishing Is Easy

Austin Bathtub RefinishingAn Austin bathtub refinishing from Rubber Duck Refinishing can turn your existing tub, fixtures, and surround into a brand-new experience.  If you’re looking to renovate your bathroom, change the existing color of your tub, or repair a cracked or damaged surface, our experts can help.  Once you research and realize the myriad of benefits an Austin bathtub refinishing can provide, we know you’ll be more than satisfied with what we can do for you.

How great is an Austin bathtub refinishing?  In many ways, you’ll be more satisfied than if you were to fully replace your tub or shower surround.  The cost, length of time to complete, and overall results you’ll experience will make you wonder why anyone takes the time to fully replace a tub or bath.  In many cases, you’ll pay as little as 20% of the total cost of a full replacement or repair.  Imagine what you could do with nearly 5x as much money in your pocket!

In addition, we provide an eco-friendly service that saves thousands of pounds of waste from landfills.  Our process makes use of your existing tub, keeping the surface beneath our resurfacing agent intact and still of use to you and your family.  It feels like-new, and takes very little time to complete.

We would be thrilled to hear from you and to provide your family with a free estimate.  We’ll come to your home and assess the time and cost required to completely renovate your bathtub, giving you a new lease on the bathroom you use every day.  Call us today to find out more, we’re sure you’ll be happy with what we can do for you!