Round Rock Bathtub Refinishing

Round Rock Bathtub Refinishing

If your bathtub is looking worse for wear, you have two options.  The most common is to completely remove and replace the bathtub, incurring huge costs and the loss of your bahtroom for an extended period.  For many homeowners, this option is a painful process that is quite hard on the pocket book.

A Round Rock bathtub refinishing, also available in Austin and surrounding areas, can provide the same effect as a full renovation at a fraction of the cost.  Our refinishing process can repair cracked or chipped surfaces on not only bathtubs but also full shower surrounds.  Within the span of a few hours, we can turn your cracked or damaged tub into a like-new part of your bathroom decour.

Just looking for a new color or look for your bathtub?  Look no further.  Our Round Rock bathtub refinishing process can be used to change the color and surface texture of your current tub.  With very little effort or expense, you can change the decour of you bathroom drastically, all for cents on the dollar compared to full tub or shower rennovation.

Rubber Duck Refinishing specializes in Round Rock bathtub refinishing throughout the Austin area.  We service any and all shapes and sizes of bathtubs, helping Austin area homeowners to revitalize their homes.  Our family owned business and 5 year warranty helps to ensure the integrity and quality of our work.  Call today to find out more about what our bathtub refinishing process can do for you.

Round Rock Bathtub Refinishing

Round Rock Bathtub Repair and Resurfacing

In Austin and surrounding areas, you have your pick of the liter when it comes to home improvement contractors.  Anytime you make  a selection for contractor work, you invest a great deal of trust into the relationship.  This is even more true when dealing with expensive items, such as bathtubs and showers, and when it involves a full-scale renovation.

Why stress over an Austin or Round Rock area bathroom renovation when a simple Austin bathtub refinishing can make your tub like-new for a fraction of the cost?  In hours instead of days, we can turn a cracked or damaged bathtub in Austin, Round Rock, Cedar Park, or anywhere in the Austin area into like-new condition.  If you have a cracked tub, don’t risk mold or expensive home repairs by continuing to use it.  Invest in an Austin batthrub refinishing and take care of the problem today.

It’s easy to get a free quote from Rubber Duck Refinishing.  We’ll come to your home and assess whether a bathtub resurfacing is the right repair for the job at hand.  We’ll provide 100% accurate estimates as to time and cost, and if you decide to move ahead, we can quickly schedule work to begin.  If you’re using a damaged bath and need it repaired as soon as possible, don’t delay another minute.  Call us today.

Round Rock Bathtub Refinishing

Austin Bathtub Refinishing Has Never Been Easier

When upgrading your bathroom, the decision to perform a full renovation can be daunting.  Often, parts of your bathroom are in great shape and don’t require the work needed on other elements, such as your floor, shower, or bath tub.  When your bathtub cracks, for instance, it often does not makes sense to replace the cracked tub with a new shower surround or other fiberglass element.  Replacement bathtubs can cost several thousand dollars to replace, even within a tight budget.

For cents on the dollar, you can have an Austin bathtub refinishing performed by the professionals at Rubber Duck Refinishing.  In just one day, we can turn your old bathtub, cracks and all, into a beautiful, usable, and affordable bathroom renovation.  Our work is insured and bonded, and our work is under warranty.  If your bathtub needs refinishing, and you live in the Austin area, you could do much worse than to hire us to rejuvenate your tub and shower.

Looking for a resurfacing in Round Rock or Cedar Park?  Bathtub refinishing are a specialty we take all over the Austin metro area.  If you live outside the city limits, look no further.  We’ll come to you and provide a FREE quote for a tub resurfacing.  Even if you’re only in the market for a new color or finish surface, Rubber Duck Refinishing can help make your bathtub like new once again.