Austin Countertop Refinishing

Turn Your Austin Countertop Around With Refinishing And Resurfacing

Are you tired of using a marred or damaged countertop every day?  Is your kitchen or bathroom not quite the way you’d like it to be because your countertop style isn’t what you envision?  Call and schedule an Austin countertop refinishing job today and we’ll help you set things right.  Within a few hours, we can reshine your countertop into like-new condition using our time-test process.

What encompasses an Austin countertop refinishing?  We simply take your existing countertop structure and apply a super-tough coat of the style and color of your choosing over top.  Our process is guaranteed by our 5-year warranty, so you’ll know cracks and damage to your kitchen or bathroom countertop will be a thing of the past.  Best of all, it costs a fraction of a full countertop replacement and takes very little time to install.

Call Rubber Duck refinishing today at (512) 244-2828 to schedule your Austin countertop resurfacing.  We serve all communities within the greater Ausitn area, including Round Rock, Cedar Park, Georgetown, Buda and Kyle.  We can send one of our experienced contractors to your home to provide a FREE estimate on the work to be performed.  Don’t wait: call and schedule a refinishing job for your countertop, bathtub, or tile today.

Austin Countertop Refinishing

Turn Around Your Home With an Austin Countertop Refinishing

For Austin Countertop Refinishing jobs, refreshing your countertops has never been easier, thanks to the great contractors at Rubber Duck Refinishing.  Covering up cracks and blemishes can be a bothersome addition to any kitchen or bathroom.  Without a doubt, it can be an intimidating to just think about a full kitchen or bathroom countertop renovation.  The replacement of vanities and cabinetry alone can cost hundreds of dollars more than a new countertop surface, and is sometimes required.

Luckily, our Austin countertop refinishing experts can turn any existing countertop surface around without much fuss.  We can complete most jobs in as little as a few hours and turn your countertop around into like-new condition without breaking the bankAustin Countertop Refinishing.  There’s a reason we choose to refinish and resurface Austin countertops instead of providing full renovations: a refinishing job leaves our customers happier, and with more money in their wallet.

Call us today to schedule a free quote.  We can be at your home the same day and provide an estimate on the work to be completed.  In no time flat, we can have your countertop revitalized and backed by our 5-year warranty.  Call Rubber Duck Refinishing at (512)244 – 2828 and schedule your refinishing job today!

Austin Bathtub Refinishing, Austin Countertop Refinishing

Austin Bathtub Refinishing and Austin Countertop Refinishing For Your Home

The best way to revitalize your bathroom is to repair a cracked, damaged, or old bathtub.  When choosing a way forward, you have two options: a full bathtub renovation or an Austin bathtub refinishing.  While a renovation might sound like the better option, we invite you to consider the many benefits of an Austin bathtub refinishing..

First, a bathtub refinishing provides the same like-new surface you would expect from a fully rennovated bathtub.  It provides such lasting durability, we back our Austin banthtub resurfacing project with a guaranteed 5-year warranty.  We know our product will stand the test of time.

Second, our product is an inexpensive alternative to full renovation that returns the same level of quality on your investment.  Our Austin countertop refinishing process provides a similar level of refinishing service that you can see and feel for yourself.  An Austin bathtub refinished with our process is indistinguishable from a brand new tub.

Finally, an Austin bathtub refinishing or Austin countertop resurfacing project can be completed in a fraction of the time you would expect when undergoing a full renovation.  Our trained specialists can be in and out of your home in as little as a few hours.  You will be back to using your bathroom or kitchen in no time flat.

Call us today to schedule a free quote.  We serve homeowners and commercial interests throughout the Austin area, including Round Rock, Cedar Park, and Georgetown.

Austin Countertop Refinishing

Use Austin Countertop Refinishing To Make Your Kitchen Shine

Revitalizing your bathroom or kitchen countertop is not nearly as costly as many homeowners believe it to be.  While a full countertop renovation can leave you without a kitchen or bathroom for days, and cost a prohibitive amount, an Austin countertop refinishing is a much more cost-effective solution to making your home shine.  You really can reimagine your bathroom or kitchen on a budget thanks to the miracle of Austin countertop refinishing.

Why does our countertop refinishing process cost so little in comparison to a full renovation?  It’s simple.  A renovation is merely a way to change the appearance of your home.  Why bother to replace all the underpinnings of your Austin countertop, from the invisible surface beneath it to the vanity or cupboards that support it, when all you need to do is change the way it looks?  Since we can accomplish this reliably and with a durable result, it’s a surefire way to reform your existing countertop surface without much hassle or harm to your budget.

Call us today at (512) 244-2828 to start on your Austin countertop refinishing process.  We can turn your existing countertop into a welcome addition to your home.  We provide countertop refinishing and resurfacing to residents throughout the Austin area, including Round Rock, Georgetown, and Cedar Park.  We also provide countertop refinsihing surfaces to commercial customers as well.  Call today and schedule a free quote.

Austin Countertop Refinishing

Find Out More About Austin Countertop Refinishing

Has your kitchen or bathroom countertop lost its luster?  It might be time to consider an Austin Countertop Refinishing in order to bring back the functionality and appearance of your countertop’s surface.  No matter the crack, chip, stain, or other blemish on you countertop’s surface, our Austin countertop refinishing experts will turn your kitchen or bathroom into a like-new, fresh area of your home.  We specialize in revitalizing surfaces and turning around countertops no one would hope to restore.  You can count on us to turn around any “nasty” situation you might encounter.

Our patented process provides a new coat of clean, shining surface over your existing countertop.  The Austin countertop refinishing process costs a fraction of a full bathroom or renovation repair, while taking as little as a few hours to perform.  With our talented technicians on hand, you can rest assured your bathroom or kitchen counter will be revitalized into like-new condition without complications or annoyances.  We pride ourselves on getting things right, the first time around.

Rubber Duck Refinishing is a family-owned business that provides countertop refinishing throughout the Austin, Round Rock, Cedar Park, and surrounding areas.  We back our work with a full 5-year warranty, letting our customers rest assured we provide a premium service that won’t disappoint.  Call us at (512) 244-28282 to enjoy a FREE in-home quote for your bathroom or kitchen counter resurfacing job.  We know you’ll be more than satisfied with the result.

Austin Countertop Refinishing

Austin Countertop Refinishing Can Revitalize Your Home

Do you have a countertop in your home that needs a nip and a tuck?  Before it goes under the knife, you should consider an Austin countertop refinishing from Rubber Duck Refinishing.  Whether it be your bathroom countertop, kitchen countertop, utility room countertop, or any countertop in your home, we can resurface and refinish it into like new condition.

Tired of the way the countertop looks?  No problem!  We provide a myriad of options for new surfaces and materials to give you a wide variety of ways to re-energize the decour of your home.  Our Austin countertop refinishing process provides the same texture and look of highly expensive marble countertops at a fraction of the cost.

Looking to keep the look and feel of your countertop?  That’s no problem either!  We can provide an Austin countertop refinishing that matches your existing surface.  Our process is a great way to repair a damaged or chipped countertop.

Rubber Duck Refinishing is a family owned business.  We pride ourselves in serving the entire Austin area, including Round Rock, Cedar Park, Georgetown and surrounding areas.  Call us today for a FREE quote and we’ll be happy to provide you a new countertop in no time at all.  Let us help you recapture the decour of your home.

Austin Countertop Refinishing

Austin Countertop Refinishing Done Right

Austin countertop refinishing can turn your existing kitchen or bathroom countertop from an embarrassing  eyesore into  a source of pride.  With no removal of heavy materials, no teardowns and build-ups, no heavy equipment and no major invastion of your home and privacy, it is easy to see the advantages of an austin countertop refinishing compared to a traditional counter top renovation.  That’s why we’re sure you’ll find Rubber Duck Refinishing to be a great choice for any countertop remodel or repair project.

Our process is cheaper, faster, and easier to complete than any other method of countertop refinishing or renovation.  Our Ausitn counertop refinishing experts can be in and out of your home in as little as a few hours, giving your new countertop the shine and color you desire.  You will return to your kitchen the next day with a brand-new counter at a fraction of the cost of a full renovation.

In addition, our process is eco-friendly, producing little to no waste and recycling your old countertop.  Your current countertop provides the structure, dimensions, and surface you would receive if you installed a brand new surface.  Why throw it all away when a simple Austin countertop refinishing can turn it from old to new with minimal fuss?  We’re proud to promote a green, landfill-friendly way to renovate your home without the hassle and cleanup of a full countertop renovation.

Our resurfacing is guaranteed to not chip, crack, or peel over time.  That’s why we guarantee our work with a 5-year warranty that’s backed by a family-owned, local business.  If something goes wrong or you are not 100% satisfied with the work we perform, we’re only a phone call away.  You will not need to call in a second contractor to cleanup our mess: we get it right the first time.

Contact us today to request a FREE quote.  We are happy to help you refinish your countertop and give your kitchen or bathroom a new lease on life.  We know you’ll love it!

Austin Countertop Refinishing

Austin Countertop Refinishing Is What We Do

The countertop can be a central part of any home.  It’s a big part of your daily life, whether you’re preparing breakfast or packing lunch for the kids.  A cracked, chipped, or damaged countertop can have a serious effect on the decour and presentation of your kitchen.  An Austin countertop refinishing provides an affordable, attractive way to touch up your kitchen and give dignity back to the time you spend in your kitchen.

Our Austin countertop refinishing process takes very little time when compared to a full replacement of a cracked or damaged countertop.  It also costs a fraction of the price while leaving you with a gorgeous new surface.  In many cases, we can reform your kitchen in less than a day.  The advantages to countertop resurfacing are apparent compared to the challenge of a full home renovation.

If you’re interested in our services, whether to remodel or refinish your kitchen or bathroom, contact Rubber Duck Refinishing to find out more about what we can do for you.  We provide a free quote guarantee our work, backed by both a solid warranty and our years of experience.  Take the money and time you’d spend on a full kitchen renovation and invest it into something more meaningful to your family.  We’ll handle the rest.

Austin Countertop Refinishing

Need an Austin Countertop Refinishing? Look no further!

When you consider kitchen remodeling or bathroom renovation, it can often be an eye-opening experience.  The costs can be considerable for any homeowner, no matter what the size of the project.  In addition, the process of selecting a reputable contractor to perform the work can leave you crossing your fingers while you empty your pockets.

If you’re in the market for an Austin countertop refinishing, don’t look any further than Rubber Duck Refinishing.  We’ve been working hard to make Austin homes and countertops shine since 2005, and we’re a family owned business with a long list of references and reviews.  In addition, you don’t need to lose access to your kitchen for days or even weeks at a time while we go to work.  An Austin countertop refinishing can be completed in as little as a few hours, and you’re guaranteed to return to your beautiful new kitchen or bathroom in record time.

To find out more about the refinishing and resurfacing options we provide the Austin area (including Round Rock and Cedar park), feel free to contact us to get a free quote today.  We’re a family owned business, and we know what it means to have a home renovation done as soon as possible.  That’s why we’ll do our best to finish your project so your family can enjoy your beautiful new home.  Best of all: you’ll never need to tell a soul just how much money you saved by choosing a coutnertop refinishing over a full remodel.  You can just let your shiny countertop do the talking!