Austin bathtub resurfacing, Austin countertop resurfacing

Make the Holidays Brighter With a New Austin Countertop Resurfacing

The Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays are just around the corner, and we’re all scrambling to prepare for friends and family to visit.  Our homes are a representation of how we view ourselves and we know putting your best appearance forward is vitally important when hosting and entertaining guest.  That’s why we’re offering an Austin countertop resurfacing or Austin bathtub refinishing to help brighten a room everyone is sure to visit in your home: the restroom!

Just think of the embarrassment you might experience if a loved one must use your guest bath or shower surround and finds a cracked or damaged area.  The worries about whether the tub is safe to use and the resulting humility might be enough for anyone to call about a bathtub repair.  However, there’s a better and faster way to leave your countertops and bathtubs looking in like-new condition in no time flat: call Rubber Duck Refinishing today!

Our experts can be on location in no-time flat, helping you revitalize your bathtub and prepare your home for guests.  Our Austin countertop resurfacing procedure is backed by a 5-year warranty, and the quote we provide is free, leaving you with essentially no risk and everything to gain.  Skip the costly, risky process of a full bathroom rennovation.  Call us today and find out more about what we can do for you.

Austin Bathtub Refinishing, Austin bathtub resurfacing

Austin Bathtub Resurfacing Makes Your Bathroom Shine

Austin bathtub resurfacingTurning your existing tub or shower surround into a like-new experience when showering or bathing can make your whole day brighter.  That’s why Rubber Duck Refinishing prides itself on performing Austin bathtub resurfacing jobs for all its clients.  The homeowners we serve are very satisfied once we take their existing bathtub and perform our resurfacing process.  In a matter of hours, we transform their cracked bathtub or damaged shower surround and repair it into like-new condition.

You may be wondering why homeowners elect for an Austin bathtub resurfacing job instead of a full bathtub renovation.  The answer is simple: price and convenience.  A refinished bathtub costs a fraction to repair compared to a full renovation and requires little to know maintenance over time.  It takes a magnitude less time to complete compared to a full renovation and leaves far less chance for poor worksmanship or failed materials that can wind up costing you thousands of dollars more in repair.

Take the time to schedule an Austin bathtub resurfacing today by calling (512) 244-2828.  We can drop by and provide a free estimate in a matter of minutes.  You’ll be impressed at both the bottom line and the end result of anything we do to help beautify your home.  Rubber Duck Refinishing also serves the entire Austin metropolitan area, including Round Rock, Cedar Park, Georgetown and surrounding areas.  Call us today and see what we can do for you.

Austin Bathtub Refinishing, Austin bathtub resurfacing

Austin Bathtub Refinishing – We’re Your Texas Source

When you put your best foot forward each day, it shows.  Whether it improves your career, your relationships, or just brightens your day, your attitude means a lot.  If your home isn’t in the exact condition you want it to be, it can leave a damper on your day.  That’s why Rubber Duck Refinishing understand the importance of an Austin bathtub refinishing.

Your shower is often where you start your day.  It is a private place to calm your thoughts and begin to confront your new day.  What good is your shower if it’s riddled with cracks, chips, and peels?  Climbing into a nasty shower can be a detriment to even the most gung-ho personality.  But even if a renovation is needed, looking at the price tag of a full replacement is enough to put your mood right back down in the dumps.

An Austin bathtub refinishing can revitalize your tub very easily.  We can provide our services at a fraction of the cost of our competitors.  Plus, an Austin bathrub resurfacing is far less expensive than a full renovation with the same results.

Contact us today by calling (512) 244-2828.  Our trained professionals will come to your home and provide a detailed estimate, absolutely free.  We proudly serve homeowners throughout the Austin, Texas area, including Round Rock, Georgetown, and Cedar Park.  Call today to find out more about Rubber Duck Refinishing.

Austin bathtub resurfacing

Austin Bathtub Resurfacing

Austin bathtub resurfacing can give your bathroom the shine it deserves.  When’s the last time you took an assesment of your bathroom and felt good about the shape and condition of your bathtub or shower surround?  If you’re climbing into anything less than a pleasant experience every morning, you deserve a full-fledged Austin bathtub resurfacing.  Treat yourself right!

While a refinishing or resurfacing job is sometimes unfavorably compared to a full bathtub renovation, our work speaks for itself.  Our Austin bathtub resurfacing process lasts for years, leaving your tub with a glossy new shine or new color at a fraction of the cost of a full renovation.  Best of all, your experience with us is worry-free.  If your tub is cracked or damaged, we’ll replace it for free over the course of our 5-year warranty.  You can rest assured your investment in us will be returned 10-fold.

Call us today to get a free quote on a new bathtub refinishing job in the Austin area.  We service Round Rock, Cedar Park, Georgetown, and any home or commercial area within the Austin area.  Our Austin bathtub resurfacing jobs are sure to impress friends and family, giving them the impression you’ve paid thousands of dollars for a full tub renovation.  Don’t worry, your secret will be safe with us!