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When you put your best foot forward each day, it shows.  Whether it improves your career, your relationships, or just brightens your day, your attitude means a lot.  If your home isn’t in the exact condition you want it to be, it can leave a damper on your day.  That’s why Rubber Duck Refinishing understand the importance of an Austin bathtub refinishing.

Your shower is often where you start your day.  It is a private place to calm your thoughts and begin to confront your new day.  What good is your shower if it’s riddled with cracks, chips, and peels?  Climbing into a nasty shower can be a detriment to even the most gung-ho personality.  But even if a renovation is needed, looking at the price tag of a full replacement is enough to put your mood right back down in the dumps.

An Austin bathtub refinishing can revitalize your tub very easily.  We can provide our services at a fraction of the cost of our competitors.  Plus, an Austin bathrub resurfacing is far less expensive than a full renovation with the same results.

Contact us today by calling (512) 244-2828.  Our trained professionals will come to your home and provide a detailed estimate, absolutely free.  We proudly serve homeowners throughout the Austin, Texas area, including Round Rock, Georgetown, and Cedar Park.  Call today to find out more about Rubber Duck Refinishing.

Austin Countertop Refinishing

Use Austin Countertop Refinishing To Make Your Kitchen Shine

Revitalizing your bathroom or kitchen countertop is not nearly as costly as many homeowners believe it to be.  While a full countertop renovation can leave you without a kitchen or bathroom for days, and cost a prohibitive amount, an Austin countertop refinishing is a much more cost-effective solution to making your home shine.  You really can reimagine your bathroom or kitchen on a budget thanks to the miracle of Austin countertop refinishing.

Why does our countertop refinishing process cost so little in comparison to a full renovation?  It’s simple.  A renovation is merely a way to change the appearance of your home.  Why bother to replace all the underpinnings of your Austin countertop, from the invisible surface beneath it to the vanity or cupboards that support it, when all you need to do is change the way it looks?  Since we can accomplish this reliably and with a durable result, it’s a surefire way to reform your existing countertop surface without much hassle or harm to your budget.

Call us today at (512) 244-2828 to start on your Austin countertop refinishing process.  We can turn your existing countertop into a welcome addition to your home.  We provide countertop refinishing and resurfacing to residents throughout the Austin area, including Round Rock, Georgetown, and Cedar Park.  We also provide countertop refinsihing surfaces to commercial customers as well.  Call today and schedule a free quote.

Austin Bathtub Refinishing

Austin Tub Refinishing Also Available In Round Rock, Cedar Park, and Georgetown

Austin is a great city, with a wide variety of cultural and economic options that help serve a thriving community.  We love working with homeowners and commercial business owners throughout the area to ensure every Austin tub refinishing job we complete is of the highest quality.  Rubber Duck Refinishing is a family-owned business, and we live right beside our customers and take pride in repeat business.

That’s why you can rest assured we perform more than just a standard bathroom renovation when we visit your home.  Not only will our Austin tub refinishing process breathe new life into your bathtub and shower surround, we’ll also back our work with a rock-solid 5 year warranty to ensure you’re satisfied with your experience.  Within 24 hours your cracked or damaged tub can be resurfaced and turned into like-new condition.  No matter if you’re located in the Austin, Round Rock, Cedar Park, or Georgetown area, our Austin tub refinishing experts will be happy to come to your home and help you create the bathroom of your dreams.

We also provide accessibility services and can provide non-slip alterations to existing tubs.  Color changes and color-matching to existing tubs or countertops are also no problem at all.  Give us a call today at (512) 244-2828 and we’ll come to your home to provide a 100%, absolutely free quote.  We stand by our estimates, so you can be confident our prices are consistent before and after your Austin tub refinishing is complete.

Schedule your free quote for an Austin tub refinishing today.

Austin Bathtub Refinishing

Give Your Bathroom a Makeover with an Austin Bathtub Refinishing

If you’re in the market for a new tub or shower, consider the less expensive and far less disruptive process of an Austin bathtub refinishing from Rubber Duck Refinishing.  Using a patented, time-tested process, we can turn your tub or shower surround from old to new in no time flat.  We back our process with a 5-year warranty and can complete the job in a matter of hours, giving you back access to your bathroom far sooner than you might expect with other bathroom renovation options.

Is it time for a new color?  A slip resistant surface?  A new, glazed shine that rivals high end luxury tubs and showers?  Then we know you’ll be impressed with an Austin bathtub Refinishing.  In addition to being the best option for your bathroom renovation project, it is also environmentally friendly, generating a fraction of the waste that winds up in landfills after a major shower or bathtub renovation.  If you know what’s best for your home, and for the earth, we know you’ll feel satisfied with an Austin bathtub renovation.

Call (512) 244-2828 today to schedule a FREE quote.  We can visit your home and provide an estimate.  After we provide the estimate, we can provide a time and date for work to begin.  Working to make your bathroom a better place is our first and foremost goal.  As a family-owned business, we pride ourselves in Grade-A customer service and affordable prices.  We serve the Austin metropolitan area, including Round Rock, Austin, Georgetown, and Cedar Park.  Let us help you rejuvenate your bathtub or shower surround today.



Austin Countertop Refinishing

Find Out More About Austin Countertop Refinishing

Has your kitchen or bathroom countertop lost its luster?  It might be time to consider an Austin Countertop Refinishing in order to bring back the functionality and appearance of your countertop’s surface.  No matter the crack, chip, stain, or other blemish on you countertop’s surface, our Austin countertop refinishing experts will turn your kitchen or bathroom into a like-new, fresh area of your home.  We specialize in revitalizing surfaces and turning around countertops no one would hope to restore.  You can count on us to turn around any “nasty” situation you might encounter.

Our patented process provides a new coat of clean, shining surface over your existing countertop.  The Austin countertop refinishing process costs a fraction of a full bathroom or renovation repair, while taking as little as a few hours to perform.  With our talented technicians on hand, you can rest assured your bathroom or kitchen counter will be revitalized into like-new condition without complications or annoyances.  We pride ourselves on getting things right, the first time around.

Rubber Duck Refinishing is a family-owned business that provides countertop refinishing throughout the Austin, Round Rock, Cedar Park, and surrounding areas.  We back our work with a full 5-year warranty, letting our customers rest assured we provide a premium service that won’t disappoint.  Call us at (512) 244-28282 to enjoy a FREE in-home quote for your bathroom or kitchen counter resurfacing job.  We know you’ll be more than satisfied with the result.