Austin Bathroom Refinishing

Make Austin Bathroom Refinishing Work For You

Austin bathtub refinishing can help turn around you cracked or damaged tub.  Over time, even the best-made tub or shower surround can begin to show signs of wear and tear.  Time and use can gradually erode the strength of a tub until it begins to become unusable.  In addition, incidents in the home can lead to major indents or fractures along the surface.  An Austin bathtub refinishing can turn back the clock on your shower surround or tub and give it back its showroom shine.

How do we do it?  By glazing the surface with an ultra-tough material that lasts for years.  We can perform an Austin bathtub resurfacing job in a matter of hours and we back all of our work and materials with a 5-year warranty.  Overall, you’re looking at a no-risk method of restoring your tub at a fraction of the cost of a full tub or shower renovation.

Rubber Duck Refinishing serves homeowners and commercial properties throughout the Austin area.  We serve homes in Round Rock, Georgetown, Cedar Park, and surrounding areas.  With a little time and attention we can make your bathroom whole again.

Remember, we provide free estimates and back our work with a 5-year warranty.  You’re truly looking at a risk-free proposition if you call us today and schedule a free estimate.  We also provide kitchen resurfacing and tile services for your bathroom and kitchen.  Give us a call and see what see what Rubber Duck Refinishing can do for you.

Austin Bathroom Refinishing

Austin Bathroom Refinishing: Turn Your Bathroom From Grime to Shine

Austin bathroom refinishingWhen it comes time to update your bathroom, a grimy old bathtub might be the culprit keeping your budget from satisfying your bathroom renovation needs. Or, if your vanity countertop is looking worse for wear and tear, it too might be the one item keeping you from the bathroom you desire.  In any case, an Austin bathroom refinishing might be just the thing you need to lighten and rejuvinate your bathroom.

How can an Austin bathroom refinishing benefit you?  By providing a clean, shiny, new surface to either your tub or coutnertop.  In addition, it can change the colors of any surface we refinish, ranging from the smallest of countertops to a full shower surround.  We can also add new features, including a slip-resistant surface and accessibility assistance for elderly, injured or disabled customers.

Best of all, this can be accomplished for cents on the dollar compared to a full bathroom renovation.  Our Austin bathroom refinishing experts can also walk right into your home and begin work one day, and leave it ready for use by the next.  When’s the last time you knew of a bathroom contractor to provide a cheaper, faster alternative to our resurfacing options?  You most likely have not, which is why we’re confident Rubber Duck Refinishing is a great option for your bathroom renovation needs.  Let us help you turn your bathroom frown around with our quick, convenient, and budget-friendly service.

Even better, we provide a free quote to all our customers, no matter how large or small a project may be.  We come to your home, survey the worksite, and provide you with the best possible course of action to ensure your job gets done right.  Don’t delay: let us provide you with a free quote on your next bathroom renovation project.