Transforming Kitchen Countertops with Stone Impressions

Worn, chipped, and stained kitchen countertops are brought back to life in just two days with beautiful, durable, and affordable Stone Impressions. Your countertops will look and feel like new at up to 70% less than the cost of replacement when you make the smart choice and have your existing countertops refinished by Rubber Duck.

Stone Impressions come in a wide variety of colors and the speck patterns range from simple, with a single color on a solid background, to sophisticated, with a range of color and spec size which closely mimics the variegated patterns found in natural stone. We can even update your square edge laminate counter to a modern half round profile

Our refinishing process requires no demolition and allows for the repair of just about any damage to the original countertop. The process is complete in just two days and carries a five year warranty.

Stone Impressions finishes are consistent from sample to completed finish. Our coatings are precision formulated by the manufacturer and have nothing to do with old fashioned “splatter paint” colors some refinishers offer.

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