Solid Gloss Colors

Solid glass colors used for refinishing tubs, tile, and cultured marble walls come in white and biscuit formulated to match Kohler and American Standard colors. Custom colors are available to match just about any color matching system such as Sherwin Williams, Lowe’s, and Home Depot. Custom color matches are an additional charge and increase the time needed to complete the job.

Stone Impressions

Rubber Duck Refinishing uses Stone Impressions exclusively on countertops. Besides being beautiful Stone Impressions provides greater durability than solid gloss coatings. Experience has shown that our customers are much happier when working surfaces, like countertops, are refinished with beautiful, durable, and affordable, Stone Impressions.

Stone Impressions come in a wide variety of colors and the speck patterns range from simple, with a single color on a solid background, to sophisticated, with a range of color and spec size which closely mimics the variegated patterns found in natural stone. Stone Impressions finishes are consistent from sample to completed finish. Our coatings are precision formulated by the manufacturer and have nothing to do with old fashioned “splatter paint” colors some refinishers offer.