At Rubber Duck our goal is providing affordable accessibility options that enable individuals to remain safely in their home for as long as is safely possible, to assist caregivers with the same goal, and to provide peace of mind to both.

Smart Step Tub to Shower Conversion

Converting your standard bathtub with a Smart Step can help you, or others with mobility concerns, get in and out of the tub with greater safety and independence. A Smart Step reduces the range of motion needed to enter and exit the tub by lowering the edge that must be cleared by nine inches. Individuals and care givers alike appreciate the increased safety and accessibility the Smart Step provides.

The Smart Step is made of unbreakable material that can actually be used as a step. The Smart Step is custom fitted to your bathtub and made to last a lifetime.
But I still want a tub! The Smart Step cover solves the dilemma when one needs a shower but the other still likes a tub bath. The Smart Step cover easily clamps over the step creating a water tight seal and enabling the tub to be used like a regular bathtub. In the event the Smart Step is no longer needed the step can be removed and the tub refinished to its original configuration.

Grab Bars

Grab bars can be installed for use in your tub or shower as well as anywhere else you would like added safety and security. Rubber Duck refinishing supplies and installs grab bars in all areas of the bathroom and home.

Slip Resistant Surface

A safety measure we highly recommend to all our customers and especially those prone to slip and fall accidents is the application of a slip resistant surface to the bottom of your tub or shower. The surface can be applied on its own or as part of a complete refinish. The addition of the slip resistant surface is another layer of safety that can help increase confidence and safety during bathing and showering.