Austin Bathtub Refinishing and Austin Countertop Refinishing For Your Home

The best way to revitalize your bathroom is to repair a cracked, damaged, or old bathtub.  When choosing a way forward, you have two options: a full bathtub renovation or an Austin bathtub refinishing.  While a renovation might sound like the better option, we invite you to consider the many benefits of an Austin bathtub refinishing..

First, a bathtub refinishing provides the same like-new surface you would expect from a fully rennovated bathtub.  It provides such lasting durability, we back our Austin banthtub resurfacing project with a guaranteed 5-year warranty.  We know our product will stand the test of time.

Second, our product is an inexpensive alternative to full renovation that returns the same level of quality on your investment.  Our Austin countertop refinishing process provides a similar level of refinishing service that you can see and feel for yourself.  An Austin bathtub refinished with our process is indistinguishable from a brand new tub.

Finally, an Austin bathtub refinishing or Austin countertop resurfacing project can be completed in a fraction of the time you would expect when undergoing a full renovation.  Our trained specialists can be in and out of your home in as little as a few hours.  You will be back to using your bathroom or kitchen in no time flat.

Call us today to schedule a free quote.  We serve homeowners and commercial interests throughout the Austin area, including Round Rock, Cedar Park, and Georgetown.